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Regional Transit News


388.40979 R263N

The Culture Transplant

How Migrants Make the Economies They Move to A Lot Like the Ones They Left

Jones, Garett
Book, 2023

304.8 J7162C 2023

The LEGO Story

How A Little Toy Sparked the World's Imagination

Andersen, Jens
Book, 2022

338.47688 L525A 2022

Worse Than Nothing

The Dangerous Fallacy of Originalism

Chemerinsky, Erwin
Book, 2022

342.001 C42011W 2022

Making the Rounds

Defying Norms in Love and Medicine

Grayhall, Patricia
Book, 2022

306.7663 G7954G 2022

Take Heart

Encouragement for Earth's Weary Lovers

Moore, Kathleen Dean
Book, 2022

304.201 M7848T 2022

Queer Silence

On Disability and Rhetorical Absence

Smilges, J. Logan
Book, 2022

306.7601 Sm44Q 2022

Pioneering Death

The Violence of Boyhood in Turn-of-the-century Oregon

Boag, Peter
Book, 2022

364.1523 M7671B 2022

Negro With A Hat

The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey

Grant, Colin
Book, 2010

320.54092 G1992G 2010

The White Wall

How Big Finance Bankrupts Black America

Flitter, Emily
Book, 2022

332.10899 F649W 2022


A Philosophy of Violence

Dorlin, Elsa
Book, 2022

303.6 D7351S 2022

Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West

Spitzer, Mark
Book, 2017

333.95609 Sp496B 2017

Urban Street Design Guide

National Association of City Transportation Officials
Book, 2013

388.4 N21316U 2013

Justice Corrupted

How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System

Cruz, Ted
Book, 2022

349.73 C8896J 2022

Independence Day

What I've Learned About Retirement From Some Who've Done It and Some Who Never Will

Lopez, Steve
Book, 2022

306.38 L8818i 2022

The Rescue Effect

The Key to Saving Life on Earth

Webster, Michael Mehta
Book, 2022

333.72 W395R 2022

The Future Is Disabled

Prophecies, Love Notes, and Mourning Songs

Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi
Book, 2022

305.908 P599F 2022

A More Just Future

Psychological Tools for Reckoning With Our Past and Driving Social Change

Chugh, Dolly
Book, 2022

303.4 C4714M 2022

When McKinsey Comes to Town

The Hidden Influence of the World's Most Powerful Consulting Firm

Bogdanich, Walt
Large Print, 2022

338.74 M4599B 2022

Deliberate Cruelty

Truman Capote, the Millionaire's Wife, and the Murder of the Century

Montillo, Roseanne
Book, 2022

364.1523 W871M 2022


Schwartz, Violaine
Book, 2022

305.90691 Sch959P 2022

Killing the Legends

The Lethal Danger of Celebrity

O'Reilly, Bill
Large Print, 2022

306.48092 Or337K 2022

Like, Comment, Subscribe

Inside YouTube's Chaotic Rise to World Domination

Bergen, Mark (Business journalist)
Large Print, 2022

338.76102 Y889B 2022

The Myth of American Inequality

How Government Biases Policy Debate

Gramm, Phil
Book, 2022

339.20973 G7621M 2022


A Story of Feminist Revolution

El-Rifae, Yasmin
Book, 2022

364.15309 Op26E 2022

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